Our Methodology

MadApper works to an Agile process, involving key stakeholders from both sides throughout your development project. This ensures that the key factors needed for the release of your product never vary: time, quality and cost. We specifically use this methodology and our experience to your benefit, by planning in releases to help you to increase market penetration, gauge user demand and customer retention.

So ingrained is this methodology into the MadApper culture, that it is visible throughout everything we do even as far as our Core Values.

So, why Agile?

Agile is a methodology that focusses on delivering high quality projects without impacting on the budget or the time frame. The emphasis of it is on collaboratively working in incremental stages, to ensure that the solution evolves rather than a prescriptive plan that cannot respond to change. This means that when you work with MadApper, you can feel comfortable that we are able to work within your ever changing requirement to deliver a solution that is fit for purpose, at the time you need it, at the budget you have set. Guaranteed.

So why use other providers with the risk that your product will be delivered late, or outside your budgets? Contact Us now for a quick chat about how we can help deliver your solution

After all, we are MadApper and we are Passionate About Apps!!