Seed Games

Seed Games is a series of games due to be released by MadApper, which interpret the ancient strategy games played across the world into Mobile format. The first edition of this application includes the game Bao, which is a popular game played in Tanzania and Kenya, most especially around southern costal areas.

The concept of seed games is based on the sowing of seeds around a board, capturing your opponents, whilst trying to protect your own. Across the world, there are hundreds of different games and versions, and we look forward to working with our client to publish further additions to this game.

Current features of this game include:

- Ability to play against computer or against human opponent

- Change number of seeds to be used per pot

- Ability to change the skins of the game for:
   - Seed types (Seeds, Marbles and Metal Balls)
   - Board Type (Woods, Metals and Marble Stone)

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