Aussies Ahead Of The Social Media Curve

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B&T recently published an article by me on Australia's place in global social media trends. They’ve been kind enough to let us reproduce it in full below:

The Social Media market place has seen some massive changes over the last year: new platforms, takeovers, rejections, new features, dropped features and more. Screen real estate is now the field of battle for some of the largest and most friendly companies in the world, and the war is taking place across every device we own.


Swift Tutorial: Introduction 01 - Introduction To Playgrounds

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Welcome to the first MadApper tutorial for Swift programming. This course is designed to cover the general concepts of programming in Swift and not as an introduction to programming, so you should already be familiarly with at least the basics of programming. However, you do not need to be overly familiar with any one particular language. Having said that, throughout these sessions I will be referring to Objective C, and comparing certain aspects and programming paradigms, so any experience you have with Objective C will be useful here.


iOS Swift Tutorial - Objective C vs Swift: Creating a View

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A while ago, I created an iOS control in Objective C. This control is a very simplistic object combining a UILabel and a UITextField and although very easy to create, has been pretty useful in quite a few applications when creating forms. However, now swift has come around, I thought I would revisit it and see what the process of refactoring was to make this into a new control! 

The end product is essentially this:

Not too difficult, and with all the peripherals and additional methods to make it a little smarter the two files (header and implementation) come to a grand total of around 50 lines of code and 8 kbs.



The king is dead. Long live the... Swift

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Recently the whole Apple developer world was shaken to its roots. In a matter of moments, all our foundations, beliefs and learnings were ripped from our fingers and thrown on the fire. Objective C is being replaced! 

For any hardcore Apple developer this is a momentous occasion. I was not surprised to see the jaws dropping and would not have been surprised if there were a few teary eyes in the auditorium as Craig Federighi dropped the bombshell.

For those that don't know, Objective C has been around for over 20 years and is the core language used to build applications across both MacOS and iOS. It is a corner stone, on which many of us developers have built our programming skills and honed our abilities. For us the loss of Objective C is akin to the loss of a parent or a mentor.

Having said that, however, what we heard next may have changed our lives forever! Swift is here... and it's actually better...